Mantis Trading S.A. is one of the top distributors of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and consumer products in Greece, and occupies a leading position in sales, consumer marketing, trade marketing, as well as innovative product management and distribution services.

The Mantis name is synonymous with huge commercial successes, such as the growth and distribution of Red Bull in Greece. Its mission is to constantly develop its activities and find new products to satisfy the needs of each customer and Greek consumer, focusing on strategic collaborations with well-known brands through a broad distribution and associate network.

Our Services

On a daily basis, we provide services to over 7,000 customers and stores through three different marketing service and distribution channels.



This channel consists of 2,647 supermarkets that are controlled on a daily basis via an ultramodern inventory and orders monitoring system. Through these systems, Mantis can monitor shelving (eye level), merchandising, as well as all alternative positions for the products it manages within the supermarkets on a daily basis.



Development of collaborations with 617 large wholesale customers, 11,438 indirect customers and 1,150 cold store locations for the distribution, promotion and tracking of goods.



Direct services to points of sale with high product consumption, such as groups of stores, petrol stations, catering companies, sports stores, nightclubs, cafeterias, hotels, duty free shops, fast-food establishments, ships, etc.



Development and management of brand strategies. Innovative planning for the support of products and effective implementation of promotional actions in the distribution channels, while always handling competition with the utmost efficiency and remaining up to date with market trends and consumer habits.


From the 70s up until today, the company has managed to maintain a leading position in the Greek market through many important collaborations and strategic investments.


2015 – The company began its collaboration with Synergy group for the distribution of Beluga on the Greek market.

2014 – Exclusive distribution agreement for Energizer, Wilkinson and Hawaiian Tropic products in Greece and Cyprus.

2013 – The company began its collaboration with Reformed Spirits Company for the distribution of Martin Miller’s Gin on the Greek market.

2011 – Implementation of CRM software in order to fully register and map points of sale throughout the Greek market.

2005 – Relocation to new, state-of-the-art facilities in Aspropyrgos, covering a total area of 13,360 m².

2001 – Strategic collaboration and development of the Fortis Trading S.A. distribution network.

2001 – Installation of the SAP program.

1997 – Exclusive distribution of Red Bull Energy Drink in Greece.

1974 – Dimitris Chatzis established the first company, which later developed into Mantis Trading S.A.


Our portfolio includes some of the most important and most widely recognised soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in the world, and we guarantee their effective distribution in the Greek market.


Red Bull

Red Bull is the number one energy drink in the world. It was launched on the Greek market in 1997. From 1987, when it was globally launched, up until today, Red Bull “vitalizes body and mind” through a broad range of cans and flavours. Its presence at top international sports events, such as Formula 1, has rendered it the most representative energy drink for sports activities and extreme sports, and in recent years it has established its own sports events, which have become a point of reference for both professional and amateur athletes who strive to push their limits.

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Beluga Vodka

Virgin nature, artesian water, the malted grains of the unique local flora and the traditional distillation are the reasons why Beluga exceeds the specifications of the premium category. Beluga ‘rests’ for a whole month after distillation, but experience of its taste stays with you forever.  This experience is consummated in the ceremonial serving of The Beluga Gold Line, the choice of the true connoisseurs.

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Martin Miller's

Made from 10 carefully selected botanicals blended with the purest Icelandic water, Martin Miller’s is one of the top premium gins in the world. It is the only gin to have been awarded 97 points by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago, and it is the most-awarded gin in the Premium and Super-Premium categories of the biggest international spirits competitions.

Mantis Trading S.A. has represented Martin Miller’s Gin on the Greek market since 2013.

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If you are interested in joining the Mantis Trading S.A. family, please send us your CV at info@mantis.com.gr and we will contact you whenever there are any new vacancies.

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